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I'm Valerie Graham, Certified Aromatherapist since 1999 and licensed esthetician.  My mission is to bring the healing power of natural botanicals to everyone and to educate clients on the proper use of these powerful plant oils.


I love sharing my knowledge and understanding of essential oils, teaching seminars and speaking to groups so everyone learns the proper dosage, usage and benefits of using essential oils daily.  I am not a sales consultant for a multi-level marketing company, but a true Certified Aromatherapist who has been educated by some of the best teachers in the industry.

For more info on using essential oils go to KRYSTALBLUE.COM

I began Valerie Graham Essentials the summer of 2000, in Ocean Beach, Fire Island, NY.  At that time little was known about essential oils so I began educating my customers on the many benefits of essential oils and my proprietary blends. From there I lectured and held seminars at NYLife Insurance company and for Healthy Alternatives in Babylon, NY who has carried Valerie Graham Essential Oils for over 15 years. I work with massage therapists, accupuncturists, and wellness centers, helping all understand the truly remarkable power of nature.

If you live in the Long Island or Metro NY area and are interested in hosting a group workshop to learn more about essential oils, please send an email or give us a call.  We'd love to speak to you.  



Essential Oils


We carry a full line of Single Note and Proprietary Blends.  Custom blending also available.

Personal Diffusors


Carry your essential oils anywhere in our personal diffuser. In fact, carry 2! 

Ultrasonic & Electric Diffusors

Home or office, our diffusors are perfect to disperse essential oils. 


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